Transforming digital reporting


Shep transforms digital annual and sustainability reporting.

It offers next generation iXBRL reporting, combined with all the essential functions that everyone would expect from a digital-first format*. 

(*accessible, interactive, responsive, navigation, video, SEO, analytics, etc)


What is Shep?

Shep is a new, purpose-built digital reporting CMS delivering all formats from a single source of content. Crucially, it unlocks the full communications  potential of the new 'single electronic format' – providing compliant and engaging digital reporting alongside PDF and print. 

Shep also works with well-established software and processes, enabling companies to transition smoothly to full digital reporting.


Why prepare for full digitisation?

The digitisation of reporting has begun. With ESEF/UKSEF the whole annual report must now be in xHTML format. And sustainability reporting will soon be required in this format too.

Now it is mandatory, the technology and format will improve quickly. Driven by further regulations, accessibility demands, audiences' expectations, and ever-expanding content requirements, digital needs to become a sustainable long-term solution for reporting communications.

Shep makes this shift viable, by helping companies to transition to the future of
digital-first reporting in manageable phases.

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Full online reporting

Shep gives you the power to draft, edit, design, tag, audit, sign-off, build, file and launch your full reporting suite, all from one source of content. It prepares you for the future of digital reporting compliance and communications, while also retaining the best of PDF and print.


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Single source reporting content


Shep is a digital reporting content management system, using a single source of
content to produce all formats - online, iXBRL, PDF and print.


All report formats, in one click


Instantly deliver your interactive online report, tagged iXBRL package, report PDF, and print-ready files – from a single content source.


Works with familiar tools


Shep is compatible with the leading tools currently used for report creation, editing and design. It is also capable of integrating with data from financial consolidation systems, and we expect this to develop with maturing API technology.


Why choose Shep?

Why choose Shep?


Fully interactive, accessible digital-first reporting

Shep is a unique, purpose-built reporting CMS. It enables a phased shift to digital-first processes, with instant outputs and essential digital reporting functions, including responsiveness, accessibility, search engine compatibility, XBRL tagging, full navigation, video, analytics and content interactivity.

Shep also allows you to retain the best of your current reporting process and content. For audiences who still want a PDF or printed report,  it integrates with those outputs,  delivering all formats from the same content source. 


Phased implementation, smooth process change

Shep integrates with current reporting tools and processes, making the transition to full digital-first reporting smooth and reliable. It also offers the option of remote browser editing, when reporting teams are ready for that change.


Multi-format reporting outputs, in a click

Once you have completed your content editing and sign off processes, Shep's automated build instantly delivers fully designed, digital reporting that meets all needs – interactive online report and iXBRL packages, PDF and print. 

This means all users can now have a consistently great experience, whatever format they choose to view your report in.


Compliance - integrated iXBRL tagging that meets ever-expanding requirements

Shep transforms digital reporting by integrating iXBRL tagging with fully designed content and editing. Your reports can be output to the iXBRL tagged format instantly, and includes essential digital features – responsiveness, accessibility, search engine compatibility, video, analytics and interactivity. 

Because Shep is a purpose-built xHTML and inline XBRL platform, it is also future ready, helping you to adapt as both content and XBRL tagging requirements increase over the next few years.


Purpose-built for the future of digital reporting

Reporting content requirements continue to increase and change, and growing accessibility requirements will demand greater digital functionality.

Shep enables digital-first reporting that can meet all evolving reporting needs – including annual and sustainability reporting, tax reports, human rights reports, press releases, investor packs etc, delivered in all formats, including iXBRL.

As future reporting processes become digital, it can be managed and hosted in a dedicated digital reporting 'hub' – offering easier content management, a transformed user experience, clearer assurance boundaries, greater information security and full accessibility compliance.


Audit and sign off on a single source of content and tagging

Shep is a CMS. It stores and manages content in one place. From this content it outputs to any format you or your stakeholders need – digital, iXBRL, PDF or print. This means that you, your auditors, your board and its committees can sign off the content in their preferred format, and Shep outputs to all versions from the same signed-off content.

And because the content and tagging is created and managed in a natively digital system, it's ready to meet the further changes ahead in digital reporting requirements.


Fast, sustainable and secure

By automating the build, Shep is able to deliver full digital reporting faster than previously possible, and with iXBRL tagging fully integrated in the process. High quality digital reporting will enable companies to reduce print and mailing volumes, as stakeholders increasingly prefer the 24/7 access and reduced environmental impacts of digital and PDF. Because Shep delivers native xHTML its report file sizes are much smaller than PDF-based outputs – saving time, paper, energy and data storage space. 

Shep also provides robust data security. All data is stored and managed in a Tier 3 EU hosting environment with ISO27001 certification, and user access is protected by two-factor authentication.



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